Contract Screen Printing

Contract Screen Printing

Most companies that work in the garment industry that supply t-shirts with logos, manufacture a private t-shirt line or decorate garments in any manner rely on a Contract Screen Printing company to do the printing.

While companies that produce decorated garments can do their own screen printing in-house, it is often easier to outsource your Contract Screen Printing requirements to a qualified silk screen printer.  Here are just three of the reasons why outsourcing might make sense:

Start Up Costs

If you are thinking about printing yourself, there are high costs associated with the purchasing or leasing screen printing equipment and supplies.  Screen printing presses can range in price from $35K-$200K add the cost of the required ink drying equipment, supplies and chemicals and your start up costs can be substantial


Screen printing is messy.  No matter how hard you try, ink is going to get everywhere, and you need to have a dedicated workspace for screen printing.  In addition, there are OSHA requirements for safety, chemical use and work environment that change regularly and have to be adhered to.


The learning curve of silk screen printing is steep.  There are screen size choices, pressure settings, registration of images, graphic artist skills, ink color match and mixing and a wide range of other things that have to be done to get the logo that you desire printed properly

Contract Screen Printing

If you need custom decorated or embellished garments, then hiring a professional Contract Screen Printing Company may be the best business decision that you make this year.

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