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Foil Screen Printing

Foil Screen Printing

Foil Screen Printing

Foil screen printing is a great way to get that mirror finish that you want for any textile printing application. Foil can be silver, gold or any number of colors or special effects!

Keep in mind that if you are embarking on a foil printing project, that you don’t have to settle for the entire design being foil. You can request a mixed media option. Mixed media is a combination of other decoration methods and foil decoration.

For example, if you had a design that was an apple and some text, you could easily request that the text be offered as standard screen printing and have the apple be the only element that uses foil.

There are some nuances to combining foil printing and traditional printing, but that is something that you can work through with your screen print provider.

When screen printing with foil, a light adhesive “glue” is layed down in the shape of the foil design. After that glue is dried, a very thin textile foil is adhered to the glue using industrial heat and pressure.

The final outcome of a foil print is a permanent and light weight foil material adhered to the fabric. Special care should be taken when washing the garment to ensure the longest life of the foil product.

You can also mix foil with other special effect inks like glow, puff and suede to offer a truly unique look.

Today’s foil selection is amazing. Gone are the days where you had to settle for just silver or gold.  Now there are patterns, various colors and many special effects that are offered in screen printing foils.

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Foil Screen Printing